Robocop: The Marvel Comics Years // artwork by Lee Sullivan and Steve White (1989)

At the very end of the 80’s Robocop was a hot property with a solid first film out and a second on his way. Most companies jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on the brand despise the heavy violence  displayed by the main character. Marvel Comics launched a comic series based on the adventures of Murphy with the blessing of Orion Pictures. The comic was in the same tune of the movies, although it displayed a Robocop much more tech-savvy, agile, lethal and with a heavy moral compass that made him feel guilt over his actions. Despise being a good read the series lasted only 23 issues, originally though to link Robocop 2 and 3. These tales were later cast out of the actual continuity of the character because it contradicted too much what was set as canon on film. These days Dynamite Comics hold the license of the characters and they release a comic series almost each year.

I totally want to read these